Whenever I hear this word a sense of ache fills in my heart… a pile of beautiful memories occur infront of my vision…I can’t remember the last time I felt comfortable being around with someone who was genuinely happy in my happy moments who always lifted me up when I was drowning in a land of worries and overthinking… Underestimating my self that I wasn’t enough for this world…who always fought for me…who always helped me overcome my shyness… Since childhood I was shy l…procrastination was always on mind when opportunities came along I did’nt wanted to tag along but my mom told me.. I’m with you honey than what’s this fear she took me with her. she was my friend, my role model, my well-wisher, my own super hero, a very very very very STRONG LADY I can ever witness in my whole life.

After I lost her…

The darkness has my became my biggest fear… I can’t trust anyone blindly… My worries take a time to heal… I try to overcome this pain… I’m smiling but I feel incomplete. But one thing that helped me become a better person is the kindness and independency she paved for me and one thing that family is everything no matter what it’s the only thing that is true to u at the end of the dayy..

love your mama folks while she is alive she is your strength she is your true guide…show her how much you love her before you go through the same acheness..cherish your real friend your MOM ❤️

Published by aneezahmemon

IT student ☺️ A young woman who's nurturing her inner writting abilities 🌺

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